Friday, July 27, 2012

Good Girl

This is easily my most political piece. It's a piece on Human Trafficking, and it will either soon be published in a book, or featured in a gallery show. Either way, the proceeds from the book or the gallery show will go towards relief efforts for victims of human trafficking. 

The Venture Brothers Fan Art

Some fanart from my favorite show - The Venture Brothers!

Lonely Together

This is an editorial illustration assignment on an article called "Lonely Together" - all about social isolation during the facebook age.

Tangled Pronouns

This is my solution to an assignment at Pratt where my instructor gave me the title of a made up article, and told me to create an editorial illustration on what I think that article could be about. My title was "Tangled Language", and I decided to create a piece about the Trans community and proper pronouns.

Teen Angst

Found some pictures funny looking teenage boys on the internet and did some caricature and water color practice.

The Babes of Batman

I owe Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy everything for introducing me to the world of comics when I was just a wee lass. 

Oh Hi Mark!

I drew "Zombie Tommy Wiseau" for Halloween last year. 

A Page From My Kids Book

Here's a page from my very first children's book, done for my Children's Book Illustration class at Pratt. It was a simple story about a "muck monster" named foot, who smells like feet and learns all about proper hygine. I may make a revised version and try and get it published. 

Lab Rat Model Sheet

This was a fun assignment in my illustration class where I had to create a character and a model sheet! I read about a lab rat at the time that had a synthetic ear attached to it's back in the name of science - so I thought it'd be a cute character concept if that rat got it's new appendage punk'd out!

Bob Fossil T-Shirt Design

Another Mighty Boosh reference, this time with Bob Fossil! Thought it'd be fun to do a t-shirt design of one of my favorite moments from the show, just for fun. Here's the youtube clip for those of you who don't watch the show:

And here's the website if you want to buy the t-shirt:

The Mighty Boosh Fan Art

 Some fan art from one of my favorite shows, The Mighty Boosh, just for fun. Plus, British actors Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt are great practice for caricature! They have such crazy features!

A Dingle Berry Hound Dog Comic

A comic I did for my sequential art elective at Pratt. Staring my cat-nip dealing dog character, Dingle Berry Hound.