Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dingle-Berry Hound and the Brain Model Sheets

Model Sheets for "Dingle-Berry Hound" and "The Brain." The stars of my animatic "The Brain of My Existence." For a little back story on each of them...

Dingle-Berry Hound: Is not a hound at all, that’s just his last name. He’s actually a Chinese Crested – a breed of dog that more closely resembles a rat with a mullet than a dog. Which is appropriate since he is a complete pest. He’s that one friend you have who has no regards for your personal space, your belongings or even your feelings at times, but you keep him around because he’s a riot and he makes for great stories. He’s a drug dealer by profession, with the pipe-dream of being “an actor” enough to rival the greats like Bugs Bunny or Woody Woodpecker (or the underrated Gandy Goose and Sour Puss.)

He is the Cartoon Character – the creation. The embodiment of what we as cartoonists want to be (impulsive, funny,interesting) but with all the baggage too (reckless, self-destructive, immature, at times un-caring.)

The Brain: : The Creator. The Cartoonist. The Brain is a self-portrait, in a surreal sort of way. If Dingle Berry Hound is the embodiment of what we as cartoonists want to be, the Brain is the embodiment of what we most often actually are like; controlling, grounded, and maybe just a little depressed. The Brain is also at times almost motherly to Dingle-Berry – its creation. When Dingle-Berry becomes reckless with his drinking, it concerns the Brain. When Dingle-Berry unwittingly harms and eventually kills the Brain, the Brain is not just concerned for their own existence – but Dingle- Berry’s as well. For all these reasons, The Brain plays the straight man opposite to its creation. Despite the fact that deep down, it knows it wants to be the cartoon – the lovable and the memorable fantasy and not the forgettable and un-interesting reality and truth.

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