Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Brain of My Existence

For my OTHER senior project class, I made a near 6 min animatic. "Dingle-Berry Hound" (who's actually not a hound at all but a Chinese Crested) is my oldest creation that I still currently use. I came up with him in high school. and I'm working on a pitch for him and writing some comics about him, so expect to get to know that little shit better. "The Brain" character is actually a self portrait, in a way (hence the glasses) and the film is mainly about how I feel about being a cartoonist - constantly overpowered and overshadowed by my work and unable to control my art even as it destroys us both. Haha I jest - I love being a cartoonist. But it does get rough sometimes.

1 comment:

  1. This was hilarious!!!!!!!!!! I laughed my ASS off watching this (Inside as I was at a library and my goose-honk like laughter would have concerned the other patrons) but it was funny as all fuckin' hell!